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About Us​

The Next Door Plumber

Since our inception in 2003, Platinum Plumbing has been more than just a beacon of top-tier service and craftsmanship. Over two decades, we’ve evolved from a small local business into a trusted household name, standing as a testament to quality and reliability in the plumbing industry. We believe that our work extends beyond fixing pipes—it’s about creating lasting relationships within the communities we serve. Our journey has been a blessing, providing us the opportunity to grow as a company and stay united as a family.
Family Owned & Operated, Daughter, Brother, Mother

Our Team

Each member of our skilled team of certified plumbers is equipped with the latest tools and trained in the best industry practices. But more than offering exceptional services, we foster an environment of honesty, transparency, and courtesy. This is a testament to our commitment to you, our customers.

Local Family Owned Plumber

The Next door Plumber!

As your local, family-owned, next-door plumber, Platinum Plumbing is more than a business—we’re your trusted neighbors. Our deep community roots and understanding of the area’s unique plumbing needs mean you receive efficient, compliant services tailored to your needs.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers, treating each as a valued member of our community. At Platinum Plumbing, quick response times for plumbing emergencies and adherence to local building codes and regulations are not just our promise—they’re our commitment.

Our Mission

At Platinum Plumbing, our mission is profound yet straightforward: delivering unmatched quality and service. With a team of skilled, certified plumbers utilizing the latest tools and best practices, we ensure precise, careful work. More than just providing exceptional services, we cultivate an environment of honesty, transparency, and courtesy. It’s a commitment to you, our customers, and a testament to our dedication.
Gary Sickels - Field Manager - Long time Family Friend and Employee

For all your plumbing needs, choose Platinum Plumbing—where excellence meets the personal touch, and with a service that's better than Gold!